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Course Directors


Peter Belafsky, MD                         C Blake Simpson, MD
Center for Voice & Swallowing, UC Davis                       University of Texas, San Antonio
Merz Aesthetics – Consulting and Speaking Fees                No relevant financial disclosures
Cook Medical – Speaking Fees                                              No relevant non-financial disclosures
Dysphagia Research Society – Past President
National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders – Founder/Medical Advisor

Course Faculty

Jacqui Allen, MD

Milan Amin, MD
Martin Birchall, MD
LIza Blumenfeld, CCC-SLP
Mark Courey, MD
Danny Enepekides, MD
Greg Farwell, MD
Gaelyn Garrett, MD
Jackie Gartner-Schmidt, PhD
David Godin, MD
Edie Hapner, PhD
Michael Johns, MD
Maggie Kuhn, MD
Stan Marks, DVM
Al Merati, MD
Daniel Novakovic, MD
Greg Postma, MD
Jan Pryor, CCC-SLP
Catherine Rees Lintzenich, MD
Clark Rosen, MD
Sarah Schneider, CCC-SLP
Lucian Sulica, MD